Tornado cause havoc in Soweto!

It happened on Monday, following light winds with showers but changed to heavy winds.

More than 25 houses were affected.

“I saw strong winds that were moving like a snake. Eventually this was followed by massive rain and hail, “says Alucia Mabunda, according to eNCA.

“People were scared and shocked when they saw a sudden change in the clouds,” she said.

“The damage is too extreme. The roofs on some of the houses affected are damaged.”

There were no immediate reports of any injuries.

Nana Radebe from the Johannesburg emergency services said, they had not received a call-out to the scene but will monitor the situation.

Spring and early summer (October, November and December) is when most of South Africa’s tornadoes occur since this is when atmospheric conditions are most favourable for severe thunderstorms, although tornadoes have occurred in all months of the year and also in every province.

According to weather report, rain will continue in all major parts of the country this week.

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