Tourism must benefit youths'

Their concerns follows the three-day Africa Meetings held at SCC, Sandton, were international delegates and media are grappling to map out the way to improve trade tourism in both SA and Africa.

Most of them preferred talking on condition of anonymity for fear of reprisal.

A Soweto based B&B owner, who has been in the business for the past 11 years said, such events intention are good but were not visible enough.

“We do support such initiatives by the government to help market our products to the outside world, however, the concern is how much effort has been put into making it successful?” she asked.

She continued that, we have unemployed youths, some graduates who cannot access the working environment due to lack of experience.

“Where should they obtain that chance to work when companies, some within the tourism sector refuse to afford the job experience?” she asked unashamedly.

Travel and Tour business owner from Diepkloof was lost for words when asked, if the Meetings Africa would turn out to be beneficial to the youths?

“The gathering is good for business trade in SA but our generation-which is youths’-unfortunately, would be left behind.

However, we hope at the end of the day, recommendations and clear cut proposal would be mooted out to establish structures which will be beneficial to us all.”

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