Traffic officials prepare for festive season

Department of transport spokesman Logan Maistry said 98 563 public transport and freight vehicles and drivers were stopped and screened, and 20 613 fines issued.

Fines issued numbered  9 815  in Gauteng between November 14 and 20 alone.

“More than 670 vehicles were removed from the roads, including 424 minibus taxis, 196 trucks and 56 buses, and of these, 230 vehicles were removed from Gauteng roads.

“Over 400 drivers were arrested, including 77 for drunk driving, two for excessive speed, five for reckless and/or negligent driving, 160 for overloading, 30 for public transport permits, 68 for not being in possession of a valid driving licence, two for false documents and 57 for other offences,” said Maistry.

More than 169 drivers were arrested in KwaZulu-Natal alone.

“In the past two months (September and October), more than 2  600 public transport drivers have been arrested as part of pre-December holiday traffic law enforcement operations,” said Maistry.


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