Transnet music talent show unearth gems in NC!

And the winners…Joint Transnet 2015 Talent search show winners Lucille Slade and Crystal Visagie posing with their cheque.

This goes on to prove that the judges had tumultuous task to make their decision as a result of stiff competition from the contestants.

Young and old came (albeit not packed to raptures) at Mittah Seperepere Convention Center on Saturday evening, to experience firsthand the jewels of the Northern Cape.

And they turned it up as whistling and jubilations reverberated in the hall as winners both Lucille and Crystal, share a whooping R60 000.

“I’m still shaking as this one of the best highlights of my career, says
Crystal-whose name resembles her features.

“To be honest I’m still trying to come to terms as a joint winner and only then, I will be able to decide what to do going forward. Also, would like to thank sponsors for affording us this kind of an opportunity for people like us who come from far flung areas.”

Having studied at AFDA in Johannesburg, Lucille plans to invest in instruments that would help to pursue her music career.

“Yes, it was surreal to be called the winner when we had a stiff competition from other contestants. But to be honest, as former student from AFDA, this stood me in good position to be a joint winner,” says the wound up Lucille.

Transnet Rising Starz is a community uplifting initiative that strives to present the youth with an opportunity to utilise their natural gift of singing to embark on a journey of economic freedom. It is about mining; polishing and promoting music jewels that lie buried in rough terrain, out of sight and lights of the major urban areas.

The talent search began in May with over 3000 entrants from all major corners of NC.

Musical genius and one of the judges Selaelo Selota gave an astounding performance alongside another living legend Blondie Makhene.

Yes, age aint’ nothing but a number as Blondie showed that he too, has still a lot to offer.

Looking dog-tired but thrilled at the same time Selota, says having to spend time with these youngsters was the longest he had experienced in his career.

“They showed tenacity, hunger to succeed and determination. To me their all winners and some of them will be used in my recordings that goes to show the talent in unpopular areas is in abundance,” he told SLM during post interview, hugging his guitar.

Other judges included former idols finalist Bianca Le Grange (Kimberley born) and Gideon Linde

We can’t wait for next year, exclaimed one parent from Galeshewe, a township not far from the city.

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