Triple M Lunch Bar Ad hits our screens and humour steals the show

Well, depending on which bar side you’re seated, then the latest Cadbury Lunch Bar TV Ad should be as humorous as the bar, since it’s on air.

The iconic and famous bar (enjoy it ‘till this day) will this year be rolling out campaigns as they seek to give Much Much More (triple MMM) to their consumers be it young or old, following its new design pack and brash look recently.

The AD captures two men in a sports shop who are casually browsing and decide to test out the treadmills. Whilst enjoying a Cadbury Lunch Bar, the one man starts to increase his speed and silently challenges the other man to do the same.

In the form of healthy competition and comradely, the two men give it their all and almost fall off the back of the speeding treadmill.

The commercial ensures a competitive bond between the two men, implying this was all in the name of fun, ending with the tagline “When you have to bring it, bring much Much More”.

It also points out the humour that brings to life the competitive spirit of Cadbury Lunch Bar, as well as highlighting the new concept of how this uniquely South African chocolate, with its great taste of chunky peanuts, crisped rice, delicious wafer and chewy caramel makes consumers bring “Much Much More“.

“We are so proud of our new commercial, which we believe not only skillfully depicts the Cadbury Lunch Bar spirit in a way that speaks to the audience, but also how fun the brand is,” says Grant van Niekerk, Mondelez SA Category Lead for Chocolate.

Yes, it would have been much, much more fun if I had this iconic and munching it, IF ONLY?

Do you still remember that popular kasi taxi with MMM number plates, just a thought? 


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