Tropika Cruise Island cruise has celebrities asking for favours!

Last year October Tropika launched its #TropikaCruise campaign where celebrities had an opportunity to win double tickets to a five-day cruise on the MSC liner to the Portuguese and Inhaca Island in Mozambique.

The competition was held at the swanky 54 On Bath Hotel, Rosebank where six teams of three celebrities were challenged to smooth talk their way out of a sticky situation.

Metro FM broadcasted live for their listeners to call in and vote for their favorite smooth talking celebrity per team. There were six winners who will be taking the trip.

Ahem, it said certain celebrities tried to ask for favours to board the cruise but were turned down. They shall remain anonymous for now. 

The cruise itself consists of a 4 / 5 day cruise on the MSC Opera departing and returning from Durban Harbour from February 22 to 27 2015.

And yes, we await the new campaign promo.

Yep, its off to the majestic Mozambique Island and what happens there, remains!

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