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Turning waste into worth!

Tyres are designed to be tough and nearly indestructible, which is good when they are in use, but a problem when they reach the end of their working life. While some waste tyres make their way to recycling facilities via formal and informal networks of collectors, many of them are burned for their scrap metal content, releasing toxic fumes and liquids in the process.

 The REDISA Plan was developed to address the waste tyre problem, in a manner that stimulates job creation and entrepreneurial development.

 As REDISA gains momentum, used tyres will grow in value.

“No longer seen as waste, they will vanish from our landfills and instead re-enter the economy as recovered raw materials, fuel, waste bins, paving, artworks, corporate gifts and even fashion accessories”, said REDISA Director, Stacey Davidson.

From 1 December 2013 to the end of September 2014, REDISA has created 1503 jobs.

REDISA is currently collecting tyres from 1292 dealers, and as the Plan continues in its five year rollout, more dealers and collection points will be collected nationwide.  In addition, 23 depots are currently operational as per the REDISA Plan and rollout.

Please visit www.redisa.org.za for more information.


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