Vaal wine route is a brand- but locals seem disinterested!

 Vaal encompasses Emfuleni, Sedibeng and Midvaal Municipalities, respectively (soon to be Metro in 2018).

 The initiative now entering its eleventh edition, was conceived to conscientious the visitors and locals on products available in the area.

 The wine route began on July 12 ending on August 17 2014.

Apart from the internationally renowned Vaal River, the area itself has an abundance of tourist destinations to market, but that is not the case.

During the three-day media familiarization tour launched last week, in partnership with Gauteng Tourism Agency- the organizers were at pain in the attitude shown by some locals.

“We hope through the media exposure the public and the locals will really come out in numbers to support us. This is their baby whom they must nurture,” says Rosemary Anderson, from the tranquil Stonehaven.

There are sixteen different venues participating with over 300 wines – with something for everyone, perfect for wine connoisseurs and even those who know nothing about wine but just want a pleasant well-priced outing where one will be treated to great wine tasting in relaxed and welcoming environments. 

As we (tirelessly- as a result of too much imbibing) moved from one area to another kasi; tasting and indulging in all kinds of wine makers -one couldn’t help but wonder why is such a well positioned brand has not been well marketed?

According to Anderson, such a question evokes so many answers and we ‘hope’ things will improve from here onwards.   

Each venue offers tastings of their wines at only R20.00 per venue per person with a minimum of different 8 wines – some venues offer 24 different wines.

Gauteng’s most popular Wine Route discerns itself  from all the other Wine Routes in South Africa, in that it has a record number of ways in which you can enjoy this winter wine feast, be it by vintage car, house boat, luxury cruiser, wine route taxi, speedboat, water-taxi, tour-bus or car – the Vaal River Meander Wine Route has that special something for everyone.

Barba Gaoganediwe, head of communications at GTA, says they’re working around the clock to change the mindset of some locals with regard to knowing and believing in concepts created for them.

“Our involvement as Government agency is to help and promote tourism organizations in the Province and by so doing we need the buy-in from the locals themselves. We cannot do it alone,” he emphasized.

Indeed, we did hit the ‘last stretch of winter blues’ aboard the gigantic cruise-boat for lunch and finally got chauffeured in old made cars, which got everyone raving and taking photos at the historical Museum.         

This was an unforgettable experience; if only the locals can buy into the concept, if only…

For more information contact:info@vaalwineroute.co.za or visit www.vaalwineroute.co.za to see the various packages and routes.




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