VW Polo Sedan cutely making some noise

Maybe its’ because 4-door Polos are so popular with rental company fleets; maybe its that look of the Polo hatch is so different to the sedan- either way I felt like I should be in different environment/ village booted up with luggage, passengers in every seat, and off to Soweto.

I guess when it comes to cars like VW’s Polo and Hyundai’s; you’re either a hatch or sedan kind of person. The sedan is obviously the more practical, family-man choice, but the boot does the car no favours in the aesthetics department-rather like those old men you see who wear their trousers too high up their waists.

VW has not simply slapped a boot onto the back hatch- it extends wheelbase is 82mm for more interior space, and added 414mm to the overall length of the vehicle.

Seats are forever comfortable, the high class build quality and finish are typical of new VW cars, and everything falls easily to hand. If I have to be finicky though, having felt the clutch had a slight flat spot when released but changing my driving style seemed to help as well. Although it lacks six-gear, the consumption was high having claimed 62/100km.

From a practical point of view it wasn’t the vast boot that surprised me but rather the airy and spacious interior. Rear passengers get treated with generous legroom, and four to five reasonably sized adults should have nothing to moan about.

 Petrol consumption is way too good. Don’t be amused having poured full tank the gauge might take a day to make a signal.

I and colleague were on the verge launching a call to Athol, and find out if everything was in order with the car features until we saw what we wanted to see. Silly okes!

All Polos are fitted with ABS brakes and dual front and side airbags.

 For R195 000 the Polo Sedan is good at what it does, having accommodated all of my three family generations as we made our way to my sisters lobola gathering in Naledi, Soweto. It was fun to play and drive though.

YOUNG AND OLD…This is the kind of target market VW Polo Sedan would like to hold on to, dearly.

NB. VW will opening new garage at Maponya Mall soon. For those in need of jobs you are advised to visit the mall for further information.

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