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Water crisis attended to-MEC Mamabolo!

He was responding to water crisis that has crept into Gauteng recently.

He went on to note that, our success will depend on how we work together with all the affected stakeholders and how we all manage the flow of information to ordinary members of our communities, he said.

The response of the MEC follows taps running dry in some parts of the province, thus causing uneasiness amongst communities.

Furthermore, the MEC says a special task team was set up, made up of infrastructure mayoral committee members and members of Eskom, to monitor the situation and initiate emergency response action that may be required in future.

“Gauteng’s provincial leaders are on high alert and ready to respond to water-related problems that may re-surface in the near future,” says the proactive Mamabolo.

According to some, cable theft was another reason water crisis is being experienced.

Tshwane had lost about R40 million while Johannesburg lost an estimated R100 million annually, Mamabolo said.

Rand Water urged affected residents to contact the utility’s hotline.


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