Young guitarist Cameron Ward personifies power!

That’s Cameron Ward, the Cape Flats (Cape Town) born.

Having released his solo album titled ‘So Much Joy’ Cameron shows the maturity and tenacity yet he’s still young.

He’s arguably one of the most versatile guitarist of his generation with a beautiful tone, great improvisational ideas and superb speed. There you go!  

  Very soon he will add to his well crafted biography -another international jazz exponent in the form of bra Hugh Masekela, who will guide him further to perfect his guitar skills.

Yes, he might be unknown but sharing stages with top musicians is an indication that he must be taken seriously.

The Cameron has landed, its’ time we see his talent blossom!

You can be certain that ‘So Much Joy’ album will be on music fans’ lips for the longest of time.

Catch him live at Nambitha Restaurant-Vilakazi Street, Soweto on October 5, 2014.

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