What happens in eSwatini, remains at the Kingdom’ finish & klaar!

OVER 20 000 fashionistas and globetrotters descended in eSwatini for the annual pilgrimage MTNBUSHFIRE 2024.

Malkerns, the venue for this award winning three-day fest was sprawling with young and old, and this has been taking place for the past 17 years now.

Premised on its theme “Bring Your Fire” the fest delivers inferno of culture and creativity; as was the case this time around with more stalls and markets open for business, mostly managed by youth’s, in their designer garb.

A whirlwind of inspiration and connection- as a guest in the Kingdom’s Place, myself, met various international groups ranging from Mozambique, Germany, France, Lesotho, Botswana, UK, et al.

Some insisting on exchanging contacts for future work opportunities and friendships. Aha, how I miss such pleasantries.

Image (The huge stage erected at Bushfire 2024).

Legend has it ‘what happens in eSwatini, remains at the Kingdom finish & klaar!

The only gripe: organisers need to sort out this issue of old trucks ferrying guests to their tents, as shuttles. It’s a BIG NO. Checking out on Sunday, some of them complaint bitterly, they had to wait hours long to pack their luggage in the truck that at times, resulted in missing their stuff cos it’s a rush for everyone to get a space.

The hospitality par excellence- yes there was fire brought by everyone!

However, on a positive note though, all was well arranged from obtaining access to attending the show and feasting on various beverages and an array of food on offer.

Image (The beautiful evening set that also featured Jagermeister Brass cartel & DJ Leano).

The Kingdom should be smiling from ear to mouth as the GDP has skyrocketed, albeit no figures were made public.

My gratitude should be directed towards the officials and inspectors at the Oshoek Border Gate who had to open and guard gates until wee hours of the morning, due to constant traffic that was flowing into eSwatini. Hats off to you- Kealeboga!

Oh, my team bumped onto then DA Gauteng candidate Solly Msimanga, who tried to hide himself from curious onlookers on Friday, in khaki shorts, two days after our national elections. Wasn’t he supposed to be monitoring counting of votes just like his boss John Steenhuisen?

Your guess is just good as mine…

Image (SATOVITOs senior member Tumi Magongoa and partner at the fest).

Here’s to more Bushfire years’ as the Kingdom experience boundless tourism.

Top Images SLM (The picturesque of Malkerns at the MTN Bushfire fest this past weekend, that saw over 20 000 revellers in attendance over three-days).

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