What tune will Ramaphosa sing at SONA?

With the high rate of unemployment, disinvestment by companies, economic decline, corruption, rolling blackouts and non-implementation of good policies South Africa is on the brink of collapse.

Food security, poor schools infrastructure and free-education are some of the thorny-issues our State should address as a matter of urgency.

SA is good on policy drafting, frameworks and White/ Blue papers but execution is a stumbling block, as a result of poor management skills or lack of it particularly in municipalities that have constantly been on the sore-side of the Auditor General reports of being non-compliant with PFMAs and obtaining qualified reports, amongst others.

Not far from my village Ganalaagte, North West province the Tswaing Municipality does as it pleases owing to ungodly potholes, poor sewerage systems, incomplete infrastructure, corruption and roads construction that remain unattended to, amongst others.

The library that was burnt by the community last year has been refurbished (kudos to the municipality though) but it remains unused because it has no internet/wifi nor studying materials till this day.

The question is why is this still the case? Is the Mayor and her Councillors accountable?

As for the gravel roads (one cannot drive in that condition after heavy rains) its a mess, so is water that comes intermittently.

Youth unemployment is a growing concern, so is crime.

Last night I had privilege to watch NEWZAFRICA channel in the evening slot, were one youth leader pointed out- painfully that some of our youths’ aren’t aware of organizations such as NYDA, Harambee and YES (all Gvt programmes).

It’s indicative that reach out campaigns need to be intensified, especially in far-flung regions of our country, to give hope to the hopeless- finish & klaar!     

We hope at today’s SONA Ramaphosa will address some of the issues that needs urgent attention. Streets are littered with dirt and classical example is Alexandra, a stone-throw away from the bustling Sandton City.

SA is rotten to core as a result of littering and dirt- a health-hazard. An eye-sore.

Yes, for one I’m tired of a repetition, we need action now!

Yes, Gvt cannot do it alone but as a leader they should put into place conducive policies that would compel private sector to partner with.

With a pounding heart everyday, I realise my country is slowly sliding to abyss!

Image (Cyril Matamela Ramaphosa. Will he sing a different tune at tonight’s SONA)?

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