Whether Mbalula is right or not is beyond the point!

The open-minded “Mbaks” said during the Proteas World International Cricket Cup send-off, that they should not be like Shakes Mashaba.

“Don’t be like Shakes Mashaba,” said the minister, as he addressed the team at Melrose Arch.

One of the co-hosts asked naively” “Why would the Minister take lynch at Bafana when they lose; yet he doesn’t when other national teams do”?

You see, Mbalula may or may not be, quoted out of context as some of the listeners and breakfast show co-hosts assumed. Choking and missing bets as Proteas are synonymous to, is no different to our Bafana Bafana. They’re all in the same doldrums but the cricket and rugby teams are known for their fighting back spirit.

Look, our football team played badly during the 2015 Afcon –finish and klaar. We should not beat about the bush! However, lets appreciate we did qualify Afcon after hiatus since Mshege’s appointment, and yes I’m seeing a light at the end of the tunnel. 

Perhaps he gave us too much believe and confidence ahead of the tournament, following good results during qualifying games and friendlies. Complacency, me thinks NOT.  

However, what “Mbaks” said has nothing to do with race but performance. Green is green not yellow.

For that Mr Minister, I fully concur with your utterances. Amen!



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