The plot thickens at EFF!

Mngxitama slammed party leader Julius Malema for using party coffers to protect a convicted close associate. Speaking exclusively to theSABC, Mngxitama criticized the decision to allow a convicted criminal to be part of the party’s leadership.

“Our party is taking the position to continue to pay the salary of a convicted murderer…a murder that has got nothing to do with the EFF.

“This suggests that our party is failing in upholding the very high standard that we set for others for accountability and fighting corruption,” says Mngxitama.

Mngxitama is referring to EFF leader, Papiki Babuile, a convicted murderer now running the party’s North West constituency from behind bars, and being paid for it.

Mngxitama insists his public criticism of his party and its leader’s decision is not residual anger from having lost out at the December conference. He says if he is “dealt with” for his criticism then it is a sign that the EFF is like the African National Congress (ANC) it criticizes.

“We did not join EFF so that we can recreate a political system which is rotten… should I be dealt with as you suggest then it would be a confirmation that indeed we have imported the worst the worst of the cultures of the ANC into the EFF,” says Mngxitama.  

EFF spokesperson Mbuyiseni Ndlozi says they are looking into the matter.

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