Will AKA and Casper Nyovest saga ever come to an end?

Recently, a thriving commercial radio host T-bo Touch (Metro FM) threatened to pull the plug on their music if they, failed to sort out their differences.

When this reporter tried to obtain commnent from AKA on the possible ban, the gold-teethed one said Touch does not own Metro FM.

“Ask him why he would do that not me, because he said it”, was his response, coldly as he walked by.

Touch tried in vain to get both artists on air to clear the biff , alas not.

Casper and AKA first began as buddies but what this has turned into, is unreal and life threatening.

To tell the truth, no one knows what’s the brouhaha between the  two. Or does someone has an idea?

Casper did not answer his mobile to get his side of the story.

Metro FM issued a statement saying banning music was not their prerogative.

Well, the public has also joined the fray and warned that both hotheads should not behave like their international counterparts.




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