Women’s Month celebrated countrywide

AS WE celebrate Women’s Month, the opposition party ActionSA has issued a media statement.

“WhiIst we recognize and acknowledge the pivotal role that the class of 1956 played, we are equally concerned about the trajectory and the state of our country’s affairs. The 1956 cohort of women stood in unison and displayed the spirit of comradeship when they confronted the apartheid regime head on.

Sixty six years has gone by since more than 20 000 women marched to the Union Buildings to demand for the abolishment of the Pass Law.  What stood out was not the large number of women who participated in the -march but the unity displayed prior and after the protest by those heroines.

As ActionSA Joburg Caucus we invoke the spirit of the 1956 heroines who stood tall against injustice. We strongly believe that, today, more than ever, we need to come together to fight against the challenges that our country is facing.

Women are becoming more and more vulnerable in societies; societies which were supposed to be protecting them. Women are being excluded from playing meaningful roles in business and society. Women are being overlooked for various managerial positions despite their qualifications. 

As ActionSA Joburg Caucus, we have always advocated for women, and we are of a strong view that women, just like their male counterparts must be absolved from any fear of victimization and granted the respect that they deserve.

We now call upon South Africans from all walks of life to stand up and say ‘NOT IN MY NAME’ shall our women and children ever lose their lives or be abused under our watch. We call on all peace-loving South Africans to stand up against abuse aimed at women and children.

Furthermore we appeal to the judiciary to deal decisively with those who are hell-bent on terrorizing our women and children.

This caucus is saying, there should be no mercy in dealing with sexual offenders; all sexual offenders must be treated with an iron fist.

In the same breath we call upon men and women to join hands in fighting against all sorts of injustices in South Africa. 

ActionSA we will continue to advocate for the Rule of Law, Social Justice, Economic Prosperity, Ethical Leadership and Electoral reform.”

‘Malibongwe igama lamakhosikazi’ 

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