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Would SONA convince SAs to weather the storm?

CAPE TOWN weather will be so bad that President Cyril Matamela Ramaphosa, will have to provide solutions and implementation targets as he delivers his third State of the Nation Address this evening in Parliament.

Would SONA convince SAs to weather the storm?

According to the bureau a wet, icy and rainy weather will be the order of the day in ‘Mother City’ to such an extend the President has to convince the country, they will weather the storm.

At the heart of it is increasing joblessness (it rose to 27% in the first quarter), GDP that shrunk by 3%, troubled SOEs, tangible programmes and economic instability, amongst others.

The question of SMMEs, incubation programmes and financial availability for emerging entrepreneurs will be the focal point.

Globally, SMMEs contribute hugely to the fiscus of the country but in SA it has not kicked in as much as one would have expected.

Yes, Government is, and should not be identified as a job creator, as some would allude, but most importantly it opens an environment that makes it conducive to create job opportunities within the private sector.

Another question is whether investor confidence has been maintained and if both local and international players are keen to invest their billions in the country?

For Pres Ramaphosa this will be one of his difficult SONAs ever, considering the above concerns.

Will he convince SA’s to weather the storm and for how long- we await with bated breath?

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