Would Tito tilt fiscus as a result of SEOs during his Budget address?

With tough economic conditions already crippling the country, Mboweni has been warned not to use his Budget look good for his party ANC as national elections beckons.

Top of his list will be Eskom and other Government SOEs, corruption, students fees, investments, economic turn around strategies, policies that are tangible and Sin-Taxes.

Azar Jammine, from Econometrix pointed out that the issue of Sin Tax should not be increased because already illicit cigarettes and dumped goods are a problem already.

He also indicated Sars is another sore point that the public is carefully observing hence the reluctance by some corporate companies to pay tax, etc.  

However, economists believe he should no touch the Value Added Tax, as already the country is feeling the down trend and joblessness, amongst others.

Mboweni arguably faces the toughest Budget any finance minister in the country‚Äôs democratic history.  

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