Young jazzists Gally and Siya unravel the glimpse of what to expect in future

This week they gave their first performance as competition winners at their new home Universal records, having returned from their successful and eventful Winter Jazzfest in New York City, last year January.

Albeit they both did not commit on the title of the single they will work on (citing they’re many) one thing for certain is South African jazz industry is in for a treat, having blown us away with their subtle but melodic performance –backed up by the services of a three member band.

The Limpopo born whose influence is drawn from the likes of the late (ntate Phillip Malombo Tabane), Gally Ngoveni without hesitation indicated music for him was a calling.

“You hit the right nail when you say my performance is driven and influenced by ubaba Malombo. As you could tell during my performance something unique takes over my body, soul and lyrically I’m obsessed. Malombo is ours,” said the dreadlocked Gally, a bassist.

“Fortunately, I was tracked down by my mates who knew I love singing a lot, hence they encouraged me to enter the competition after seeing it advertised on the social media. And as they say the rest is history. I owe all I have now to both me peers and family that have stood with me as I went through this challenging but rewarding exercise?” he responded when asked who made him aware about the competition.

To me music is about sharing thoughts. It’s like a tool to every individual, continued the Tsonga speaking Gally, who kept reminiscing with his guitar.

As for the soft speaking Siya, hers is about responsibilities and taking the baton and running with it.

The Langa born (Cape Town) remarked the trip was an eye-opener in that she shared the stage with well versed performers, whom some are world-beaters.     

She went on to utter that music for her is an inheritance -in that the Grandfather was a saxophonist and Mom is or was a Gospel singer at church.

“This is a dream come true for a girl from Langa, and the experience has been overwhelming thus far. The family tree has to keep growing as I would like the young-ones to follow in my steps as well. That’s my responsibility to make sure that is attained.  

As for the music, I would like to document it for people to listen to, enjoy and be remembered as someone who brought revolutionary music to this world. I love jazz hence the influence from my Grandfather,” said Siya who also indicated she intends releasing an album.

Both will be signed individually by Universal records but, if the opportunity to work as a collab present itself, it will be grnated.

Having 48 unreleased songs, Gally boasted he can work on seven albums should the deal with Universal records be ‘smart’.

“Music is a great passion for South Africans. It has a rich jazz history that transitions forward and the jazz fraternity globally is so much richer from the contribution of South Africa’s musical legends. To be a part of this musical movement that is creating a platform for rising talent is a way for Emirates to bring a uniquely South African note to the global scene,” commented Fouad Caunhye, regional manager Emirates Southern Africa.

Lebo Kgothadi from Universal Music Group and Brands says each member will be treated individually as the deal stipulates.

“There will be no collaboration but that will be depended on their working schedules.

“Their singles should be out by April 2019 and will be produced by one of the country’s top producer. That will also include the shooting of the video.

As and when we decide on the album project that will be determined by A&R,” she added.

This is a good package for all parties concerned and from now onwards they’re our ‘babies’, said Lebo defiantly.

Selaelo Selota – Gally you’re home boy has landed- you’re warned…

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