Zahara plus Nedbank equals DOLLAR!

The SAMA winner’s financial affairs were splattered throughout the media a few months ago, after her sisters came forward to claim that her record company was taking advantage of her.

Zahara defended TS records, but it appears she might have needed some help after all, and Nedbank has taken control of her financial matters, while selecting her as the face of its financial fitness operation.

The details of the deal are not clear, as neither Zahara nor Nedbank disclosed information about how much she would be paid, but the bank stated that the campaign was more than marketing, as they had been talking to the artist about supporting her since November last year.

According to Nedbank communications and corporate affairs manager Sydney Mbhele said, “The synergies between brand Zahara and our brand are so strong that we’ve risen above all the things that you’re talking about.”

 Mbhele was only prepared to elaborate that, the relationship will be only reviewed next year, after being asked what were the Return On Investments and how much was at stake?

The unruffled but straight-talking Zahara, who preceded the media brief with a mini-show for Nedbank staff, said her’s is to encourage other ‘rural-girls’ that possibilities are endless and they can achieve their dreams without being mocked.

“Being the face of this huge brand will result in unlocking other opportunities, which we have agreed upon with the bank to help others in achieving their dreams,” she said without revealing too much.

It was also revealed that the Nedbank logo would feature prominently during Zahara’s first live DVD recording this week at Carnival City.



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