Zambia are No1 in Africa

Following their emphatic win 8-7 on penalties, Chipolopolo as they’re known to their nemises, are now a force to reckon with. As a result they’re now positioned number one in the African Continent toppling Ivory Coast.

Having last won the trophy thirty-year’s ago, under the old system of only eight nations Zambians does a have a record to settle in Gabon having lost 30 national team players’ in a plane crash in 1993, made a confession that they’ll never to leave Gabon without the Cup, and they did it so brilliantly!

During their campaign at the AFCON, the team visited the site where the unfortunate incident took place as a gesture of remembrance and ask for divine intervention. The ancestors listened to their plea and responded accordingly.

We went out to the streets and had a chat with fellow African’s on the success of the teams’ bravery performance.

Given Mulondzo from Zimbabwe says, the win by Zambia was unthinkable. Despite being under-dogs the team went all the way to trounce top sides. We celebrate with them!

They ran and played their hearts out, and this is what you get for being committed, patriotic and hard worker. Copper bullets showed the world what the Southern Africa has in- store. Now its time to take cognizant of what we’re capable of, commented the sobbing and delighted Maureen Eto from Cameroon.

Thato Keemang, from Botswana heaped praise on the Chipolopolo for representing the Southern states superbly. SADC flag is flying higher.

Zambian, Edson Mulenga who plays amateur football for a team in Yeoville, says he’s going to party year long. It’s been a dry spell and would like to congratulate leading figures such as Kalusha Byalwa for believing in the coach, when no one did.

To the player’s and technical team, we’ve always believed in you, it’s just that we did not show it enough. Patriotism is what got you where you are. Chipolopolo Ayeeeeee!     

Thabo Maja from Naledi, Soweto says when odds are always against you, chances are you’ll use that to your advantage. That’s what Copper Bullets did. To borrow what the former Prez. Thabo Mbeki said “I’m An African,” that is how I feel today, tomorrow and in the future!

Zambian Embassy office in Pretoria was not available for comment as they’re reported to be in Zambia for celebrations.

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