Zodwa Wabantu first to headline Whitley Neill parties

The thinking behind the concept is intended to add efforts directed at paying tribute to those that get society entertained, talking, stimulated and reflecting on itself.

Wabantu, born Zodwa Rebecca Libram, who needs no introduction and famous for her vosho dance moves, amongst others, was told would amount to nothing growing up.

Today, she owns latest fragrance range, Touchable Zodwa Wabantu and about to complete her three-bedroom house in Nelspruit, where she plans to retire.

“Looking at where I come from, I feel blessed to be celebrated whilst I am still alive, and still at the top of my game in my career. It’s a privilege,” says Zodwa Wabantu who describes herself as a go-getter.

The entertainer has cautioned that no child should be placed in a position to struggle and do what she had to do to put food on the table. Interviewed by Mo Flava on Metro FM she said: “The way I was so poor, I couldn’t even think or dream of what I wanted to be. I just wanted to sleep with my tummy full.” 

Wabantu has set a precedent and others will be celebrated by the London Gin Whitley Neill, through a series of soirées celebrating talent, and achievements attained through passion, patience, activation of goals, persistence, hard or smart work, and maneuvering.

“We have chosen to celebrate personalities, performers, artists, and entertainers when they are still alive. Some may be uncomfortable with celebrating Zodwa’s life because of her character and or some of the things she might have done. Still, it will be unfortunate to throw the baby Zodwa out with the bucket.

Ignoring and not celebrating the good and positive things she is doing or projecting will be a mistake,” says Victor Selaelo, Whitley Neill Marketing manager.

Access to the Whitley Neill Celebrate Parties is per-invite ONLY- for now. Guests at the parties include the host’s friends, colleagues and or family.

Fans may win an invite to get up-close and personal, mingle and celebrate with the celebrated host. 

The venue for March 14 still remains a mystery!

Image (Zodwa Wabantu the first recipient of the Whitley Neill Celebrate Parties).  

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