Zodwa Wabuntu kicks off Whitley Neill parties rocking a see through dress but talks tough

The Soweto born Zodwa Wabantu talks what she mics- and whether you take it with a truck load of salt or come down from the highest mountain on land, indaba yakho leyo (its your problem).

The sensual dancer and aspiring entrepreneur Zodwa had guests on stitches, some on the edge of their chairs at her evening honour by London’s Gin Whitley Neill last weekend at Birchwood Hotel.

Born Zodwa Libram, she uttered some imprintable, expletive words and said she was a ‘broken soul’ thanks to Sowetans, and “I don’t think will ever heal”.

“People call me (magosha) a whore and all that stuff. That’s the society that we live in. I visit and party in Soweto yet talk is I’ve fallen on hard times. How can that be when I’m making millions?” asked Zodwa who was accompanied by her new Ben-10.

Hence my statement that Soweto has broken me, I shall never heal, she said.

Her friends included Dladla Mshunqisi- from Afrotainment, amongst others.

The sex-pot Wabantu was the first entertainer to be honoured by the gin brand as part of Whitley Neill parties initiative to celebrate artists/musicians who are still alive.

As the evening gained momentum thanks to thumping music and guests thirst-quenching on the free-flowing drinks (and three meal course)- ‘our’ Rasta took the honours by presenting Zodwa with a painting that many described as of a soccer player or bodybuilder, much to Zodwa’s chagrin.

Image SLM (There you have it, Rasta presenting Zodwa with a painting that looked more of soccer player or bodybuilder than her at Birchwood Hotel).

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