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FIFA’s second in charge tender his resignation!

Jerome Valcke, who has been with the football organization for eight years' announced his resignation today.

FIFA’s second in charge tender his resignation!

The tall and short of it. Following suit. FIFA’s secretary general Jerome Valcke has tendered his resignation in support of his former boss Dr Sepp Joseph Blatter.

According to Valcke, whoever becomes the new FIFA president should have a new secretary general because it’s the most important relationship.

The Frenchman’s resignation follows that of his former boss Sepp Blatter, who months after being re-elected to serve a fifth, four-year term, will see his successor elected on 26 February 2016.

FIFA has been rocked by controversies -which is now at the center of criminal investigations – by US.

The questions in recent weeks have centered on Valcke’s direct links to payments totaling $10 million from FIFA accounts which the U.S. Department of Justice said were bribes to FIFA executive committee members to vote for South Africa as the 2010 World Cup host.

Speaking from St. Petersburg (Russia), at the World Cup 2018 draw, Valcke has denied wrongdoing and did not discuss the specifics of the case on Friday but stressed that he only carries out the orders of the FIFA congress and the executive committee.

”As the head of the administration I can be proud of what FIFA’s administration has done and FIFA’s administration, I don’t think, has been part of the stories around FIFA, including all the commercial agreements we have signed (2007-15),” Valcke said. ”I have not seen anything which is related to any wrongdoing by the FIFA administration regarding any commercial aspect of FIFA during this period.”

Valcke who is married to a South African , is a friend to another musician simply known as ‘Bobs’ from Soweto.

”About my future, I would say at least I can have some privacy in regards of whatever questions you are asking.”

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