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Man dies after being turned away at Soweto hospital!

The new Bheki Mlangeni Hospital in Jabulane, Soweto is in trouble!

This, as a result of a death of a 64 year-old man, who did not have admission fee of R20.

According to Sowetan, Bheki Mazibuko who was in company of his son Bongani Mazibuko, was turned away when they found out they didn’t have the fee.

Bongani Mazibuko said that a doctor and a nurse would not assist his father without the admission fee. Bongani said he only had R15 on him and despite going outside the hospital to beg people for some change could not get the full R20.

He later managed to raise the money but was told it was too late his father had passed on.

According to Bongani his father didn’t receive any help from the hospital staff because they told him it was hospital policy to receive an admission fee before a patient could be helped, says Sowetan.

Gauteng Department of Health spokesperson Steve Mabona says Bheki was attended by a doctor.

“He arrived at 18.10pm in an ambulance, escorted by the son, and was put on oxygen at 18.45pm. Seeing that the patient’s condition was deteriorating, the doctor resuscitated him at 19.05pm, CPR [was] done and medication prescribed.

It was only at 19.50pm that the patient was certified dead and the family contacted at 20.30pm.”

Mabona said no one can be turned away from hospital because of lack of money.

Mabona did not say whether there was negligence from the hospital.

Meanwhile, irate residents have vowed to shut down the hospital,  if allegations are true.

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