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MTN strike called off!

Two warring parties MTN and Communication Workers Union decided to end the strike with immediate effect, after weeks of deadlocks.

Albeit, no details were given and what were comprises reached, all what matters is that the staff that that has been seen marching and causing chaos out-side the telecommunications offices, will now report to their respective posts.

At core was MTN bonuses and salary adjustments policies. MTN also questioned the status of CWU claiming it falsified its membership numbers.

MTN South Africa CEO Mteto Nyati says : ” The agreement serves the common interests of MTN and the employees, and allows MTN to focus on its core reason for existence, which is to deliver services to its customers.”

Mteto, went as further to send his apologies for the inconvenience that MTN customers suffered during the period of the strike, and thanked them for their patience and loyalty.

The agreement is that the union has accepted MTN’s bonus and salary adjustment policies, he said.

Although, unconfirmed MTN’s boss had to relinquish his position as a result of the strike.

CWU representative was not immediately available for comment.

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