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Rand Water disruption minimal as communities also welcome updates

ALTHOUGH THERE were fears water shortage would be another problem in Johannesburg, Rand Water has managed to control the situation.

Rand Water disruption minimal as communities also welcome updates

Yes, my Gran even has sourced buckets to keep water in the event taps run dry.

This follows maintenance and installation of B11 pipeline to install a 2‚500mm butterfly valve from Lethabo to Vereeniging pumping station.

The City of Johannesburg announced last week that Rand Water‚ its main bulk water supplier‚ was planning a major shutdown that would affect all its reservoirs and towers for 54 hours from Monday.

Thus far the taps have been working with only intermittent disruptions.

“We have received no reports from our municipal customers of interruptions to the service due to the work being done with the shutdown‚” says Rand Water spokesperson Justice Mohale.

“The Rand Water network is operational and stable‚ and all reservoirs are meeting demand.”

“The technical teams are working throughout and achieved the set project milestones. The work is on target,” he said.

The water utility issued a statement saying its next update will be on Tuesday‚ at 1.30pm.

Community members also commended Rand Water for regular updates and less interruptions.

And yes, the buckets for now-seem not to be running dry either- thanks to Gogo.

For further information on the disruption or any other matter the public should contact the utility website.

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