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SA warned: no to football academy at Man U!

A fraudulent e-mail – which has been in circulation for weeks – offers youngsters the chance to participate for a fee or for free depending on “the time of registration”. 

“Manchester United Football Academy is offering 400 boys and girls aged 8 to 18 years from over different countries to our hugely popular residential facility in the heart of the English countryside,” the e-mail reads.

The four-year package includes visas, airfare and accommodation. And graduates would qualify for “further opportunities” with the academy. “Raphael Scot” is listed as the contact person.

Despite several calls and e-mails to the provided e-mail address and telephone number, “Scot” could not be reached for comment.

The club have since warned parents not to be duped.

“This e-mail has been unlawfully using the Manchester United Soccer Schools brand name and crest without the consent of this company or its affiliates. Any emails received from ‘@manutdopportunities.uk.mn’, should be disregarded as they contain this false and dishonest information,” the statement reads.

A Cape Town man who asked not to be named said his sister almost signed up her 11-year-old son after receiving the e-mail last month.

“She told me about it and I went onto the website and said it looked legitimate. Luckily she didn’t have time to sign up yet.” he said.

United advised parents to visit its soccer school’s website – www.manutdresidentialcamp.co.uk – should they want their children to attend football camps. Officials can be contacted on info@manutdresidentialcamp.com

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