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Win a Klipdrift Gold bottle in time for Easter (Holy)days!

WITH A rich history dating back more than 300 years, it stands to reason that brandy has been used in many a vintage cocktail.

Win a Klipdrift Gold bottle in time for Easter (Holy)days!

Shaking it. Barman Michael Mudzenda shows how a Klipdrift Gold cocktail is done.

But thanks to Kurt Schlechter, innovative mixologist and owner of brandy-centric experiential cocktail kitchen, Cause Effect in Cape Town, the spirit is firmly back in the spotlight.

Grab one of South Africa’s finest potstill brandies, Klipdrift Gold, and get shaking – barman Michael Mudzenda shows how.

 Klipdrift Gold Serenity 

Glass: Tall

Method: Shake and strain


50mls Orange juice

25mls vermouth Bianco

10mls Lemon juice

15mls Triple Sec Orange liqueur

25mls Klipdrift Gold

2 dashes Fynbos Bitters


Klipdrift Gold and SLM are giving away TWO LIMITED EDITIONS each.

To enter and win, complete the following:

* Klipdrift has a rich history dating back more than…?

* Name the barman who creates that golden touch?

Send answers, name and contacts to info@sowetolifemag.co.za or Sydney@sowetolifemag.co.za, on or before March 29 2018.

Ts & Cs do apply! No under 18s must enter this competition.

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