10 Things You're Too Old To Wear

Stroll into a movie theater, electronics store, or any mall and you’ll see a 40-year old man wearing hideous attire. The sad thing is, he probably thinks he looks really good.

Our clothes and accessories say a lot about us. But when your fashion sense is off the mark, the message you send can sound like a foreign language.

Are you a guy who doesn’t know when to quit? Continue reading for the top fashion faux



Why: Even if you’re a superstar rapper who hangs out with athletes and sexy video chicks, wearing sports uniforms and jerseys make you look “teen-ish.” Jerseys are appropriate when attending, or participating in sporting events. Instead of a Steelers jersey, consider the extraordinary style of rapper/business mogul Jay-Z, and how his wardrobe went from jerseys and caps, to business suits and ties.

Transformation is a good thing.

Age to stop: 35


Baggy/Sagging Pants

Why: The baggy pants debate has been brewing for several years. And while completely stifling the popular fashion trend isn’t likely, sagging pants should be off limits to grown men. Society doesn’t care much for the baggy look and the image is especially ridiculous on the bodies of men who should know better. If you’re under 30-years old, do your thing. But don’t show underwear, or skin–there is nothing attractive about that. If you’re 30 and older, pull up your pants.

Age to stop: 30


Jogging Outfits

Why: The next time your phone rings, don’t be surprised if it’s the ’80s calling and asking for their cheesy wardrobe back. Unless you’re training for the comrades marathon, leave the jogging gear in the closet. Those puffy, cheap cotton jogging suits are the lazy man’s way of saying: “I have no idea what to wear.”Instead, put on some pants (slacks, jeans, khakis) and a collared polo shirt.

Age to stop: 35



Sunglasses inside a building

Why: Okay, this one has nothing to do with age. Wearing sunglasses inside a building–whether it’s extremely bright or not–should be illegal. The cool factor while wearing dark shades in a dark room went out of style before most of us were born.

Age to stop: 25


Uncoordinated colors

Why: Remember the 1990s rap duo Kriss Kross, and the fad they started by wearing funky colored outfits backwards? They were kids, and kids can get away with stuff like that. But you can’t, and missing the color coordination mark is a recipe for fashion disaster. If you’re unsure about which colors match, ask a female friend–she will know.

Age to stop: 25


T-shirts with messages

Why: We all have a few bold t-shirts in our closets. You know the ones that say: “Kwaal”, “Amakip kip” or “Fact Durban Rocks.” Unless you’re wearing them for a gym workout, leave the glittery, social statement t-shirts at the store. If you have something to say, use a microphone.

Age to stop: 35


Muscle shirts, wife-beaters, A-shirts, tank-tops

Why: While in the comfort of your own residence, these styles are totally cool. But wearing them (outside of a gym, locker-room, or the beach) is just plain frightful. Tank tops are great as under-shirts, or when adding layers of warmth. But they never work as fashion statements. Guys with little to no muscle structure should be especially wary of these shirts. There is a reason why they’re called “M-U-S-C-L-E” shirts.

Age to stop: 30


Off-the-rack suits

Why: If you buy a suit off the rack, get it tailored. Most men’s fashion boutiques and stores offer tailoring services for suits, sports coats, slacks, and dress shirts. Instead of dressing plainly like everybody else, you can create a sleek, customized image that fits your unique shape. A suit can last forever, so you might as well make it look good.

Age to stop: 30


Sneakers or tennis shoes

Why: Believe it or not, women pay attention to your shoes. And if you’re wearing sneakers, athletic shoes, or tennis shoes, you’d better be on a basketball court. Pairing up sneakers with your wardrobe doesn’t fit any manly styles we know about. Wear leather dress shoes for special occasions and always when wearing a suit (no exceptions). Business casual shoes are perfect for laid back environments like movies, sporting events, braais, or informal trips.

Age to stop: 40

When it comes to men’s fashion, think quality. You won’t go wrong with collared shirts (polo or button-down), slacks and clean shoes.

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