COMMENT: SA sport in shambles…

First on the plate was Bafana, who technically lost to secure their place in the 2012 AFCON tourney to be co-hosted between Equatorial Guinea and Gabon. 


This follows a draw against Sierra Leone last Saturday at Mbombela Stadium, which has raised eye-brows due to the rules and specifications which CAF have stipulated on their website.


Unsportingly or unknown to most of South Africans, the players’ and the technical team were showered with praises for having “qualified” for 2010 AFCON tourney. Alas not, because some “hypocrites” at SAFA failed to read and familiarize themselves with the permutations stipulated. 

It would be premature begin pointing fingers and calling for the axe at the soccer team, however SAFA as the controlling mother body of football in SA, should take the stock, finish and klaar. 

Before my eyes, some of SAFA officials are on a gravy-train with no experience of what he or she should execute in terms of job description. We’re all a laughing stock to the entire world SAFA. When is this going to stop?


CEO Robinson has vouched to conduct an investigation which led to this national embarrassment and weed out the dead-woods. That would be applauded.

To Pitso Mosimane and your soldiers, this is a learning experience for you to do away with the perception of playing draws instead of a win. Deliberating and flummoxing on what should have happened during the group stages games, matters no more. 


However, we hope the latter has realized the price which comes with being the head-coach of any prosperous NATION. We want WIN or nothing else.

As for that INYAGA who said he’ll punish the team for having not being paid his balance by SAFA, the latter said it and we ignored his calling! This is the hideous price we pay for being ignorant THANKS to SAFA. 

Firing and chopping the team will depend on reports from the technical team not SAFA. Period!!


Mind-boggling question is do we have to wait for appeal by SAFA to CAF and FIFA or let it go?

Defending champions Springboks also failed to catapult to the semi-finals of the 2011 International Rugby World Cup in New Zealand following the thrashing by nemesis Australia.

Despite the loss and bitter pill to swallow of Boks losing so early in the campaign, the nation still rallied behind the team upon arrival in the country showing patriotism.


Although they fought hard, with blood streaming down their faces for pride, it boils down to one thing: they did not fight hard enough. A loss is a loss it does not matter how we FAIRED on the day. That is what we must instill in our kids that if you do not perform to win, someone WILL outsmart you.

Cricket in SA is also trying hard to get their house in order due to illegal bonuses paid out, mismanagement and corruption which has riddled the CSA. 


Sponsors are having cold feet to pour millions into the federations’ coffers marred by web of insults, courts orders, and egos crippling cricket in the country.

What kind of sporting country is this? 


From football to rugby to cricket its’ all back to drawing board, folks!

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