1818 ko kasie, come immerse yourself alongside Thebe, KO and others

Zone 1818 appreciates township culture by telling authentic stories and celebrating the trends inspired by our townships. Whether it’s a graduation ceremony in Soweto, a chill session in Khayelitsha or a traditional ceremony eTembisa, Smirnoff 1818 has always been there to aid in the good times in township households.

Now it’s here to pay homage For Then, For Now and For Whatever is next in South Africa’s music and entertainment industry. 

The music extravaganza will be led by the award-winning rapper KO and ol’skool favourite Thebe.  Included in the line-up will be the new wave of rappers, singers, DJs and lyricists Nadia Nakai, Killer Kau, PH, DNB Gogo, Major League, Boity and a whole lot more. It’s gonna be faya!!

“Zone 1818 is more than just an event; it is about representation, it is about bringing the vibrancy, and the importance and significance of the Kasi lifestyle,” said Diageo SA Head of White Spirits Gregory Tabane. 

Tabane also said that “Staging the Zone 1818 music extravaganza will be sweet nostalgia to those who were part of the kwaito movement when it was birthed during the dawn of democracy, while the show will reflect the evolution of Kasi culture and its driving force of music all through to ama2000s.

There’s no better brand than Smirnoff 1818 to be the perfect accompaniment to that soundtrack.”

To make sure revellers get the best of this awesome mash-up, Zone 1818 will feature three pillars that pay an “Ode to Kasi life“, namely Kasi Triumph, Kasi Love and Kasi Optimism.

Tabane explained that Kasi Triumph is about owning and claiming your hood by saying ‘this is where I belong and I’m going nowhere’.

Kasi Love is all about wearing your heart on your sleeve, sometimes literally. It’s about being made eKasi in every sense of the word; while Kasi Optimism is basically saying no matter where you go in the world, home will always be eKasi.


To make Zone 1818 even more exciting and inclusive, tickets to the event will not be sold, but earned by consumers by clicking on the link https://vpas.im/MTE3Mzg4Ng

Tickets are limited.

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