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Residents vent anger at Rand Water for water interruptions

SOME JOBURG residents continue to experience water shortages.

Residents vent anger at Rand Water for water interruptions

City of Tshwane, Ekurhuleni and Joburg communities have raised concerns about water cuts without any prior warnings.

“There’s actually nothing coming into the reservoir, it comes from rainwater. The problem is on their side but they are denying there’s a problem,” residents said.

“I’m so desperate that I’ll do absolutely everything to get water running through my taps,” another resident said.

To blame: Rand Water.

But the utility says the anger should be directed to municipalities, although it understands the frustrations especially for the elderly and young-ones.

COO at Rand Water says municipalities were the ones who were supposed to answer consumers’ questions.

“Our customer is one. In the case of Tshwane, it’s the municipality. Our customer is one, in the case of Johannesburg, it is Joburg Water. Our customer is one in Ekurhuleni, it’s the City of Ekurhuleni. We do not go beyond that line.”

Some metros have warned of water restrictions although there were no specific dates on when would this inconvenience end.

So, this means no Spring for others- since today is September 1st.

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