3008 a ‘cat’ worth owning

The international brand Stellantis- owners of Peugeot and other celebrated models, launched the ‘three- thousand and eight (3008) their latest offering in Kaapstad.

To make up, they delivered this ‘cat’ and it caused uneasiness amongst neighbours as they went for their gadgets to catch the glimpse of what has just landed on their ‘doorstep’.

Yes, all and sundry first went for its grille. Its amazingly huge.

The 3008 boast styling and specification upgrades that would make it compete against rivals, its own sister-  the Citroën C5 Aircross, Hyundai Tucson and Volkswagen Tiguan, if you may.

The cat claw is their standard signature as evident in the LED strip arrangement on its mug.

A frameless grille, at the rear, the claw element features again in the design of the lights- made yours to clean it without bickering. 

What also caught my attention and the young-ones as we took it to Soweto, is the red leather upholstery that is available at no-cost option on the range-topping GT. A signature for 3008.

“Damn, your car is cool and on point” approved a 13-old girl, who without asking for permission went again for snaps and videos, as her friends looked on with envy.

“This brings out the charisma and verve to this cat” says a high school teacher from a local school, who happens to be a ‘special friend’ to my driving partner. This bloody car, it seems would get one into trouble…purrr.

The front seats are heated (on numerous occasions I accidentally pressed them and suddenly my seat was blistering hot) with a sculpted frame and bolsters that do a good job of holding front occupants in place. I was treated to massage functionality and electric adjustment, on the drivers seat.

(The grille that caught everyone’s attention).

The sporty steering wheel typical of most contemporary Peugeot models adds an illusion of sportiness to things, so is the leg room and a boot enough to carry millions of vaccinations we desperately in need of.

When coming to features, it has it all from contemporary lane assists system to a huge touch screen. From full LED headlamps with bend lighting, head-up display, digital instrument cluster, dual-zone climate control adaptive cruise control to road sign detection, driver attention alert, lane departure warning, 360-degree camera, wireless smartphone charging and navigation are some of the highlights. So are safety features.

Unfortunately, the one I had did not have panoramic sunroof, a question I had to contend from onlookers time and again…

The three- thousand and eight is fitted with 1.6-litre, turbocharged-petrol with four-cylinders, paired with a six-speed automatic and front-wheel drive.  I also enjoyed the punch (121kW and 240Nm) delivered in relative smoothness through the self-shifting transmission.

The only snag: lacklustre in the powertrain department does not play ball on the 3008.

Albeit I missed the CT launch, I do not regret someone playing a ‘lioness’, that’s all I’m prepared to say. AMEN!

It retails for R644,900


Performance 1-10 (8)

Fuel 1-10 (7)

Images SLM (‘Cat with nine lives’ that is the new three-thousand and eight Peugeot)..

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