Bikers navigate through Brazil as part of new travel channel on Dstv!

Safaritrotters. Catch Brazil Uncovered and Tough Rides on Travel Channel Dstv 179 and see what bikes are meant to do.

This follows the withdrawal of key Golf stars and as time approaches, surely some athletes will follow suit. Sad scenario one must tell…

But for now the focus is what Brazil has to offer in the form of landscapes, deadly slopes and uneven human-settlement, among others.

This will be done in the form of an adventure sojourn by presenter Ryan Pyle, as part of Brazil Uncovered on Travel Channel, as he snakes from one area to another on his untidy but surging forward bike.

On the other hand, Spencer (Tough Rides) will be travelling through 34 countries, starting at the north of Africa, through Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia, but soon runs into trouble when he loses his convoy in Kenya.

Interestingly, on his birthday he celebrates by sleeping on a table crawling with cockroaches, ouch!

At the launch held at Greenstone Shopping Centre, Greenstone Hill, Jozi, last Saturday, a host of Harley Davidson bikers came in hordes revving their most expensive bikes to celebrate the first ever new series on Travel Channel.

With sumptuous breakfast on hand-owing to pounding headache thanks to a win by Lions beating Kings at Emirates Stadium the previous night- one couldn’t help but see the glamour and attention these old-toppies cause in full leather regalia.

Brazil Uncovered: will broadcast on July 23 at 8pm.

Ryan on his epic motorcycle adventure will encounter monster sand dunes and hazardous rivers!

The there is Fernanda de Paula, who ten years after moving to Australia, is heading back to Brazil to rediscover the nation’s rich cultural diversity, from chefs and footballers to artists and workers. Yes, you might be tempted to add ladies of the night, if I may…

Tough Rides: see adventurer and presenter Ryan on one of his toughest rides yet – a 10,000-mile motorcycle trip around South America’s biggest country, Brazil.

‘Swagger’ in the Jungle.

His journey begins in Rio de Janeiro, where he’ll complete his preparations and head north towards Salvador, Brazil’s first capital city. Ryan rides deeper into the Amazon Basin, takes a boat along the Amazon river and flies over the Rio Negro.

Can he survive crashes, jungles and sand dunes? Saddle up and find out in this 6 episode series.

It also broadcast on July 23 from 8pm as a Double-Bill on Saturdays- on Travel Channel, DStv Channel 179.

If you thought your bike has been tested, you ain’t seen a thing until it goes off road!

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