Brickz to face brick-walls for rape-15 year imprisonment

Party over. Faded Kwaito star Brickz seen here performing alongside Akon, has been found guilty for rape and sentenced to 15 years in today’s Court Judgement.

He was found guilty of raping his 17-year-old niece at his home in 2013 .

In handing down the sentence, Magistrate John Baloyi mentioned a few factors that led to his decision to send Brickz to prison for 15 years.

– While raping her, Brickz told the victim that he would kill her should she tell his wife.

– After the rape, the victim bled from her private parts, she could not walk, Brickz told her to go bath.

– After taking the bath, the victim sat on the bed bleeding and confused about what the accused had done to her.

– She was 17 years-old and was inexperienced in sex. She therefore found the experience painful.

– She was scared of Brickz and kept the rape to herself for seven months.

– She grew more fearful of Brickz and would hide in the wardrobe.

– Upon examination, it was found that the victim had contracted a sexual transmitted infection and that her hymen was broken,

– She became suicidal and would cry at school up to a point where teachers had to call the accused’s wife, the victim’s aunt, to the school,

– The trauma became unbearable and she failed her June exam.

– Brickz wife was supportive to a point where the victim became comfortable and told her about the incident.

– The victim said that as Brickz was her uncle, she expected him to treat her as one of his kids but he raped her instead.

– Prior to the rape, she was a 17 year-old who had just lost her mother and her father had taken ill.

– As an uncle, it is customary for an uncle to step in at this point and take a role of a father figure.

– As an uncle, Brickz was supposed to, among other things, treat the victim well, not bully her, offer advice, surprise her with gifts, remember important dates, be there when the victim needed him – as this is what it takes to become a ‘cool’ uncle,

– In this instance, Brickz did not rise to the occasion, instead he raped her niece – ‘It is an honour to be called an uncle, you have given this title a bad name,’

– Brickz did not show any remorse, especially when he opted not to testify,

– He did not feel guilty about his actions despite evidence that proves the victim was emotionally and psychologically affected,

– He did not feel guilty despite evidence that the victim cried all the time when she thought about the incident and wanted to commit suicide,

– Brickz is not a a suitable candidate for rehabilitation,

– Fact that Brickz is married with kids would be immaterial in this case.

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