Emotions and intelligence that’s the E220d Class

We test driven the E220d it was epic, on- fire and pun intended -panty and jockey dropper. Finish & klaar.

The model outstrips its predecessor in terms of length, width and height. It has been given all kinds of superlatives I lost count.

Even the Granny’s wanted to play with us ‘kids’ as Macufe

Emotions and intelligence that’s the E220d Class. All images SLM.

(the annual Mangaung Cultural Festival) descended in the City of Roses as Bloem is synonymous with.

With a displacement of around two litres, the new diesel engine in the E220d delivers 143kW/400Nm as we clocked between 120 and 240km/h ONLY. It’s called cruising.

It is equipped with standard 9G-Tronic nine-speed automatic transmission. And all and sundry, including taxi drivers who couldn’t help themselves but envy yours truly as they hoot in appreciation and young boys whistled endlessly.

Ah, ladies (mantombazana) offered to wash it in their skimpily clad swim-wear.

To top it all an Officer who only stopped us during Police Blitz as we approached the Grasmere Plaza Toll gate, to enquire about the silver interior buttons on the doors and how much it cost -that made him declare “people are born, they live and die, whereas you guys are living the life”. Eish Officer I felt you stru.

The two-door version is based on the sedan, boasting a length of 4.8m, width of 1.8m and height of 1.4m.

The highlight of the new E200d is its optional Driver Assistance package, making it the most intelligent sedan in its class.

Drive Pilot represents autonomous driving, and now, in conjunction with Distance Pilot Distronic, the new E-Class is not only able to automatically keep the correct distance behind vehicles in front; it can also follow them at high speeds.

Active Brake Assist with cross-traffic function – This system has extended speed thresholds with respect to vehicles and pedestrians, it can detect crossing traffic at junction and, if the driver fails to

Troublesome. The interior door buttons and top range speakers that got the attention of an on Duty Officer.

to respond, apply the brakes autonomously.

To engage the system, pull the control lever twice, look out for the little steering wheel icon on the digital display flashing green, keep your hands and feet off the steering wheel, pedals and control buttons and then well, just chill…as we enjoyed the serendipity of the Free State Province, roses and overcast weather.

While autonomous, the system as a safety precaution requires the driver to put his hands on the wheel at regular intervals.

Fitted with E-Class H7 LED headlights, while static high performance lamps and Multibeam LED headlights, each with 84 individually controlled LEDs, are optionally available.

These automatically illuminate the road with unsurpassed precision-controlled distribution of light – without dazzling other road users.

All functions of this Intelligent Light System in low-beam and high-beam mode can furthermore be depicted purely digitally including, as a world first, a purely electronically implemented active light function. Awesum.

Not only will this ‘truck‘ allow you to travel safely in one lane, the radar- and camera-based Additional Active Lane-change Assistant will now allow you to change lanes. And overtake…

I loved the black interior with contrasting grey stitches- the seat Comfort package as it is defined

It also features the 12.3 inches screen that visually conflate into a wide-screen cockpit that seems to hover in thin air and three different instrument style selections – Classic, Sport and Progressive.

The interior has elongated bonnet coupled with a coupé-esque roof, extended vehicle body, long wheelbase, short overhangs and large wheels creates a dynamic and striking silhouette.

To tell the truth it comes with so much sophisticated packages, and the only way to enjoy the luxury it comes with it, get yourself to the nearest Benz dealer and test drive one before -obviously owning it- or kanjani?

By the time I was doing this review I was still searching for any faults. And I’m still probing…

The only snag was the chip we experienced in the front windscreen due to hail and storm that hit SA weeks ago.

Other E-Class lineage includes E200

The 12.3 inches screen that visually conflate into a wide-screen cockpit.

and E350d available in the country with different prices.

The E200d retails for R806 500.

As with all Mercedes-Benz passenger cars the new E-Class come standard with a six-years or 100 000km maintenance plan.


Diesel (1-10) 8

Performance (1-10) 8

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