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Caster cast a spell on naysayers as she qualifies for semis at the Olympics!

Despite all shenanigans’ about her “gender verification test” all of a sudden questioned yet again, South Africa’s own Caster Semenya, continues with her work: qualifying for semi-finals.

Caster cast a spell on naysayers as she qualifies for semis at the Olympics!

Going this way. SA’s darling Caster Semenya celebrates after qualifying for women’s 800m semis at Rio, despite the silly gender tests issue.

Yesterday, she easily qualified in the women’s 800-metre at the Rio 2016 Olympics and widely tipped to take gold for her country.

The 25-year-old athlete from Limpopo, won the 800m in 2009 but her victory was questioned to establish whether a medical condition was giving her an unfair advantage.

This week before the race, that ugly head resurfaced yet again questioning her gender, to such an extent the South Africans took to all kinds of social media to ask if, this was the tactic to destabilize her focus, among others.

Mokgadi- a she’s known in her village- was deeply affected by the gender tests and resulting chaos.

”If it wasn’t for my family, I don’t think I could have survived,“ she told the BBC in 2015.

”It was upsetting, you feel humiliated. You cannot control what people think. It is about yourself, controlling yourself – what is in you. But now I want to focus more on the future, I don’t want to go back there. What is done is done.“

Immediately, after her win on Wednesday Caster shunned media interviews and rarely speaks to the press.

“When I am in that lane and I hear ‘Caster Semenya from South Africa’, I always know I am doing it for my people,” she said.

Dubbed “Unlimited Cobra” by her fans, Caster will partake in the semi-finals are on Thursday‚ which means, she would have Friday off ahead of Saturday’s final (Rio time).

South Africans can expect to see the final at 2.15am on Sunday morning.

With all the support behind her, we expect another gold from our Limpopo girl!

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