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ANC is corrupt therefore no coalition with them, says Malema!

EFF leader Julius Malema addressed reporters in Alexandra on Wednesday as he unpacked the conditions that were made by his party during the coalition discussions over the past two weeks.

ANC is corrupt therefore no coalition with them, says Malema!
EFF comm

Talking tough. EFF commander in chief Julius Malema and exec committee held a press briefin Alex today, outlining their stance on coalition conditions.

1. “The difference between DA and ANC is that ANC is corrupt and arrogant. But both represent white monopoly capital”  

2. “We’ve heard South African what they want. We’ll move in that direction. There’ll be no back door deals with ANC “

3. “If we have taken the wrong decision, history will judge us.”  

4. “There is no mayorship for Danny Jordan. The ANC had a choice to choose between Zuma and Metros and they chose Zuma.”

5. “EFF will not go into coalition with any party but we’ll vote for DA in Tshwane, Jhb, Ekurhuleni and Mandelabay”

6. “DA must know voting with them in councils doesn’t mean we’re in bed together. They are just a better devil to ANC.”

7. “Mbalula can do anything for position. Anyone who can put position before principle is dangerous”

8. “We are saying let the EFF not assume power through a method that is not the popular mandate”.

9. “We are the opposition” “Every budget passed in these municipalities ” “We will see it” “it’s the new politics of councils”

10. “We are talking to the DA on a small matter in Joburg. Agreed with DA not to disclose that”

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