Chinese at Sun City for New Year celebrations! Expect loads of 'snakes' doin' rounds!

In celebration of the Year of the Snake, the entire complex will be transformed into a sea of red and gold and all things oriental, lit up by Chinese lanterns and spectacular fireworks displays, with traditional lion dancers snaking their way through the property.

Guests at each of the hotels will also receive a welcome letter in Mandarin and bowls of traditional New Year oranges will greet them at all reception and guest relations desks. Oranges are believed to bring luck or good fortune and throughout China, red envelopes filled with small gifts of food or sweets are exchanged between friends or relatives over New Year.

Throughout the world Chinese New Year is marked by a large and sumptuous feast of meats, fish, seafood, duck, special dumplings, noodles and other delicacies. 

So similarly, Sun City’s various hotels and restaurants will enter into the spirit of the celebration by supplying diners with chopsticks and adding a Chinese flavour to all breakfast buffets and other fare from Monday 4 to Monday 18 February.

Lion and Dragon dances accompany Chinese New Year celebrations and the aggressive lion dancing, coupled with loud drumming and clashing cymbals, were thought to evict bad spirits.

On the 10th and 11th the convoy of dancers will leave The Palace Hotel, winding their way down to the Cabanas Hotel, ending at the Monkey Valley Spring Plaza.  The dancing will be followed by a Chinese fireworks display at the same venue from 23h00.

Invented by the Chinese, original fireworks were bamboo stems filled with gunpowder. Today, the New Year fireworks are marked by spectacular displays of shape, design and colour.

You don’t have to be Chinese to enjoy and celebrate Chinese New Year. Join millions of people around the world in celebrating this colourful event and wishing each other “Slin Nen Fai Lok” (Happy New Year)!

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