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Craft Bar at Fairway Hotel, a perfect spot for an afternoon tipple

“IF YOU’RE a craft drinks lover, this is the place to be this summer,” says Grant Sandham, Sales & Marketing Director of Guvon Hotels & Spas, following the launch of Highball Craft Bar at the leafy Fairway Hotel, Spa and Golf resort, Randburg.

Craft Bar at Fairway Hotel, a perfect spot for an afternoon tipple

The Highball Craft Bar is quirky, retro and overlooks the Randpark Golf, and for some this will become the perfect spot for a little Friday afternoon tipple.

A full bar menu (as we experienced during the launch) includes craft beer, variety of craft whiskey, craft rum and spirits, along with wine and craft cocktail selection.  Everything about the bar is a craft.

Manned by experienced staff, all of these delicious drinks will be combined with the tastiest tonics and mixes with different garnishes to bring out the unique flavours of each one.

“It’s the ideal place to laze away an afternoon as you take in the amazing view and you actually forget that you are in the heart of Randburg,” continues Sandham.

What is a Highball, one inquisitive mind may ask?

  1. Low Ball-High Ball is a golf game for a group of four playing against one another on two-person teams.
  2. High ball in golf terminology is a player who favours hitting a higher than normal trajectory
  3. highball glass is a glass tumbler that can contain 240 to 350 millilitres. It is used to serve highball cocktails and other mixed drinks
  4. Highball Cocktail is a drink consisting of a spirit, especially whisky, and a mixer such as soda, served with ice in a tall / highball glass. 
  5. Highball Signal permits for a train to proceed at full speed as they “they highballed north”

For more information on the craft bar visit www.thefairway.co.za

Fairway Hotel is part of Guvon Hotels & Spas, a leading hospitality group offering a collection of hotels in Gauteng, Northwest and Mpumalanga.

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