CSA gets a reprieve from sport minister Mthethwa

Today, the minister of sport, arts and culture lifted a ban to invoke 13(5)(i) and (ii) of the National Sport and Recreation Act, 2007(Act No. 18 of 2007).

Simply put: it means cricket will continue with its local and international duties.

This follows the CSA Interim Board and Members Council agreeing on the contents of a revised Memorandum of Incorporation (MOI) as part of the Nicholson Report on the governance of the sport.

On Thursday, the minister did indicate by way of a notice in the Government Gazette, to invoke it section 13(5)(i) and (ii) of the National Sport and Recreation Act, 2007(Act No. 18 of 2007).

Shortly after the notice was published, a letter was received by the Minister’s office, signed by both CSA’s Acting President Rihan Richards and Interim Board chairperson Stavros Nicolaou confirming the unanimous decision taken by the Members Council to accept the new MOI by written resolution as contemplated by Section 60 of the Companies Act.

 As a consequence to receiving such confirmation, Minister Mthethwa said, “As the sole purpose of my intervention into the affairs of CSA was to facilitate a negotiated solution in respect of governance best practice, I have, based on the confirmation from CSA’s Acting President and IB Chairperson, instructed my Department to immediately initiate the requisite process to withdraw the notice.”

He said, it his desire to bring this intervention to an end, with a final report from the Interim Board, while CSA proceeds to chart a revised roadmap towards an Annual General Meeting.

Had no cool heads prevailed CSA, would have been in hot water internationally and sponsors would have to withdraw millions invested in cricket, thus affecting development and the progress made.

Image (Nathi Mthethwa, sports and arts minister happy to withdraw sanctions against CSA).

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