DA’s move for early elections ‘wishful thinking’

This follows the failure by the opposition party on motion of no confidence in President Jacob Zuma in Parliament, this week, has been described as a ‘sour pill to swallow’.

Wishful thinking. DA’s leader Mmusi Maimane has called for early elections and dissolving of Parliament a move described a ‘sour pill to swallow’.

Led by DA leader Mmusi Maimane, who says voters should now express their opinion about the conduct of the ANC in defending Zuma.

“The ANC may have won in the No Confidence motion in Parliament yesterday‚ but it has lost the confidence of the country‚” Maimane said.

“We are sure that the ANC has lost the confidence of the majority of South Africans. We say‚ bring it on! Let’s fight an election for the future of our country‚ and let’s do it now. By the time Jacob Zuma has destroyed the ANC completely‚ and the country‚ it will be too late. Let’s let the country choose a new beginning‚ now‚” he added.

But the public does not believe DA has a point.

Having lost for the eighth time on voting of no confidence in the President, views vary on DA’s opinion on the matter.

 “Yes DA might be controlling major metropolis in the country but that alone; does not guarantee them the outright majority win when coming to voting. They must tread carefully because what happed in Parly this week could come back to bite them,” warned Mpho Lakaje in Diepkloof, a staunch branch member of the ANC.

“They failed the motion of no confidence now they want early elections. Does the DA believe the majority would sway in their favour”? asked Helen Cronje from Free State.

Albeit some believe regime change would be tantamount to collapse of the State-  considering the economic unrest- they agree DA has a point to prove but at what cost they asked?

Maimane also pointed out the DA would continue with its legal action against Zuma.

“We will see him in court next month — on 14 & 15 September‚ where he will have to defend himself in the Supreme Court of Appeal against the 783 charges of fraud‚ corruption and racketeering he still faces.

“The DA has also filed an intervening application in the matter currently before the Constitutional Court on procedures to be followed in impeachment proceedings against the President. This case forms a part of a wider push to ensure that President Zuma‚ as well as future heads of State‚ are held to account‚” Maimane said.

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