Evictions stopped in Hammanskraal says Mashatile!

Demolished. Two homeless young boys play on the ground at the demolished Suurman Settlement, Hammanskraal, north of Pretoria, following evictions that began on Monday, living many homeless. Image AFP.

This comes after meeting residents, City of Tshwane and representatives from the local traditional leaders, yesterday afternoon.

“We want to make sure no others come. We don’t want the community to mushroom,” says Mashatile.

There would be no free-for-all because one of the committees’ mandates was to mark out posts, he said.

Mashatile promised that “evictions would be suspended and that provincial government would set up standing committee to resolve the situation”.

Suurman (sour- man), Hammanskraal was caught off guard on Monday, when Tshwane metro police, Red Ants and other contract workers arrived to demolish shacks the city said were built on illegally occupied land.

Political smearing is rumoured to be behind the unrest as Municipal Elections approaches.

As yet, its unclear how long will the appointed committee take to put the matter to rest.

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