Famed green JoJo Tanks goes innovative

NOT be left behind as technology sets-in, the famous JoJo Tanks has now introduced a remote water monitoring Smartphone application – JoJo Monitor.

The application is already available on the Apple and Android store and at some of identified stores nationwide.

This is part of JoJo Tanks been proactive in adding to their range of products as a holistic water solutions company.

The JoJo devices can monitor tank levels, measure water consumption, and detect water and leakages.

The enthusiastic Sebasti Badenhorst, Executive of Sales and Marketing at JoJo Tanks, waxed lyrically that:” We had spent four years developing the remote water monitoring Smartphone application and three IOT devices.

The JoJo tank level is the first of the three devices that will be launched. The tank level uses radar, which makes the reading more accurate than ultrasound as it does not pick up the sides of the tank. “Put simply, remote level monitors allow the user to manage what they can’t see, namely the levels of water inside their tanks,” says Badenhorst, during interview at the company’s head office in Midrand.

“The JoJo tank level device is easy to use and install on top of the JoJo tank. It has been designed to be flexible so that it can be used in most applications, or employed in scalable solutions to incorporate a collection of tanks.

While it comes calibrated for the range of JoJo vertical, slimline and horizontal tanks and also allows for interconnected tanks, the configuration can be customised for any tank,” says the bespectacled Badenhorst, who offered purified water from one of their JoJo mini system mounted inside their office kitchen.

The app can be downloaded directly from the app store and is compatible with IOS, Google play and Android platforms.

The device is, like the JoJo Tank, developed in South Africa by JoJo and is supported by a local call centre or any of identified retailers, especially farmers and commercial industrials, who consume much of water.

The JoJo Monitor application has an easy-to-use interface, which allows for user defined alerts and set-up, using Bluetooth for the initial activation and testing, and live readings or real-time monitoring when within proximity of the device.

Remote monitoring is carried out via the Sigfox network. Each device comes with a free 12-month subscription to Sigfox. Information can be shared amongst several users.

On the rising cost of economy, Badenhorst pointed out it is impacting on the company such as plastic, transport, paraffin and diesel but still trying to ‘mitigate those challenges’ she said.

Posed to her on future projections, she highlighted they will expand the pump range, sewage systems, and increase the staff network from 425.

JoJo, has a history of innovation, since Johannes Joubert, founder of JoJo- hence the name- cooked plastic in his farm kitchen to pioneer roto-moulding of large plastic containers in Grobersdal, Limpopo province.

The business was started forty-years ago with her daughter, who was tasked to study Plastic technology in Pretoria.

Still alive at (81) Joubert decided to sell the business to Investec in 2009. And as the saying goes ‘the rest is history’.

Found at every corner of SA, including Lesotho and Swaziland, JoJo still aims to be at the forefront of development that brings affordable solutions for domestic, agricultural and commercial water problems.

‘It looks after your water solutions’ says Badenhorst, who also brought to my attention that they also provide after-services to all their tanks.

FOOTNOTE– On CIS programmes- the company works with renowned Gift of the Givers and other organisations as part of giving back to the community.

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Image SLM (Sebasti Badenhorst, executive of Sales and Marketing at JoJo Tanks, during interview at their head-office).

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