From President to Prison- the story of JG Zuma

“I met him and he’s in good spirit and also told me to tell the public, he’s fine and in good spirit,” says Lamola.

The former President will be placed at isolation during his 15 months incarceration.

On the question of safety, Lamola said there’s no favouritism according to the Correctional Act, he said.

 “The department has its own security and will take over any security concerns should there be any questions, for everyone not only for Mr Zuma,” says a correctional service official, who also pointed out there will be no preferential treatment such as bodyguards or SAPS.

On the issue of parole, Lamola said he will have to serve a quarter of his sentence before any parole or presidential pardon could be effected.

Addressing health matters for Zuma, Lamola indicated all health protocols will be followed just like any inmate, since the facility has state of the art hospital.

“So, the former Pres is in good hands,” says Lamola, who said the correctional centers all over the country has what is called ‘Remand Video’ facilities in the event an inmate cannot make court appearance due to Covid-19 or any severe health matter.

On the release of the judgment, the minister said they will have to await judgments from both Pietermaritsburg High Court and the ConCourt rulings, respectively.

Meanwhile, former president should apply for presidential pardon, following the decision to hand himself over for incarceration on Wednesday night.

This is the view of various political commentators and analysts.

After back and forth last night with few Zuma supporters and suspended MKMVA spokesperson Carl Niehaus on sight, the former President was given two options: either hand over yourself or face being arrested, of which he opted for the latter to avoid animosity and embarrassment.

Police confirmed that the former president was in custody after handing himself over. He was expected to be transferred to a correctional services facility in KwaZulu-Natal in the early hours of Thursday morning.

The Constitutional Court last week found Zuma guilty of contempt and sentenced him to 15 months’ imprisonment. He was given until Sunday to hand himself over, failing which police were given until midnight on Wednesday to make an arrest.

Zuma’s daughter, Dudu Zuma-Sambudla, who has been constantly at her father’s side, tweeted: “Cdes, we celebrate the imprisonment of the freedom fighter Jacob Zuma. Cdes, we celebrate the incarceration of the only man who remained loyal to ANC. Cdes, no retreat, no surrender in fighting WMC and their proxies in our leadership. Amandla.”

Another family member, who asked not to be named, was also shocked at the turn of events.

“Can you imagine, from president to prisoner? It is unbelievable,” said the source, who would only reveal that Zuma is their uncle.

ANC spokesperson Pule Mabe says this is a legal matter and as such the organisation would not interfere with the law.

Image (Former Pres JG Zuma waving good-bye to supporters prior to his incarceration. He’s seen with lawyer Dali Mpofu).

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