How would you like your Pilsener?

The Hospitality student at Central Johannesburg College won after choosing the letter ‘A’ from a box full of entries at last weeks Hansa Special Inside Truck party held at Elkah Stadium, Soweto.
“I will use this money to finance my studies and the rest I will visit my homeland in Hammanskraal to slaughter a cow and thank my ancestors for bringing me such luck,” said Mmutlana, after being asked what he would do with the money.

The Hansa series pop-up parties seek to bring local musical acts to all corners of this country, and interact with consumers and fans alike to share, experience and interact what the brand is all about using the art of fun.

The concept was first derived in New York and London before being launched in SA this year.

So, it pays for attending Hansa parties after-all or kanjani?

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