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Huawei drops “Ascend” name!

As seen on the recently launched P8 device, Huawei has chosen to drop the "Ascend" name for all their devices.

Huawei drops “Ascend” name!
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Huawei will no longer use Ascend.

Huawei has previously used the Ascend-brand, seen on the popular P6, P7 and Mate7 devices, across the bulk of its devices, with other designators used to differentiate specific product lines.

“All device branding and collateral will no longer carry the Ascend name. This is a business decision and we feel that the Huawei brand name is strong enough to carry our entire product offering.

We have chosen to simplify our naming conventions as brand awareness has grown dramatically over the last 12 months”, says Yudi Rambaran, Director of Product Marketing at Huawei Device SA.

From a general point of view, the P-branded devices are flagships, Mate is used to identify phablets, and G is for “affordable premium” products.


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