‘Girl Eat World’ ideal for girls planning to travel the world!

It debuted last week Friday at 8pm.

At the media launch the gorgeous and gym fanatic Kamini, says she has traveled ten cities world-wide and her next project is to visit New Zealand, Spain and other intriguing cities.

Kamini Pather -seen at the launch- present her ‘Girl Eat World’ show on Dstv Food Channel.

Various palettes and dishes were prepared by her team. Yes, I must confess some were not so edible, ahem!

“I love my job because it takes me to places I’ve only dreamt of,” saysKamini.

She continues: “’Girl Eat World’ shows and depicts the traveling, eating bizarre food (unnatural burger in Tokyo) and meeting thoughtful, open-minded people,” she says.

If you love traveling and food, this is not to miss show.

The producers of the show is co-owned by musician Unathi Nkayi, Metro FM daily morning breakfast show co-host.

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